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Welcome to Debt Records

DEBT Records is a label born out of troubled times, a label nurse-fed on the understanding that current music industry practices are failing both artists and listeners. DEBT IS A LABEL THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THAT INDUSTRY

This Is Debt Records...

We are an independent record label based in Manchester, UK.

Our artists include Honeyfeet, Walk, Felix Hagan & The Family, Alabaster dePlume, Snowapple, Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six, Richard Barry, Ivan Campo, Becca Williams, T.E. Yates and Roxby's Wonky Disco.

In the past we have also released records by Bridie Jackson & The Arbour, Danny Mahon, John Fairhurst, Monkey Poet Matt Panesh and Red Tides.

This is a company that never chases money over content: we trust that our signings know better than the marketplace about the secrets of musical alchemy – we merely do our best to provide the environment, resources and support necessary to make this happen. We firmly believe that live performance is the only truly lasting musical format, with memory being our sharpest stylus. That said, we are dedicated to releasing unique and spectacular records (in whatever presentation science recommends at the time).

Debt Records was set up by a sound engineer, a session player and a songwriter with a shared enmity towards the legion of labels, promoters and managers that are draining the music world of its jouissance – cultural barbarians who exploit their contributors, underestimate their congregation and manipulate Music’s acolytes into deifying the sentimental slush of relentlessly reconstituted pop travesties.

We don’t care about what sells, we care about what survives... And, at this rate, it sure as hell won’t be the music industry as we currently recognise it.

Idealistic? Yes.

Naïve? Absolutely not.

An Open Recording Session With Snowapple

30 August 2014

RICHARD BARRY - The Diffident Fecund Album cover SMALL.jpg

At Debt Records we like to keep things as transparent as possible, encouraging artists to talk to their audiences, keep blogs and generally work together outside of that unhelpful (and often completely fictional) “celebrity” bubble we have too long been faced with as a result of old industry thinking.

One of the things at the heart of what we do is, of course, recording. And yet this is often among the most secretive activities an artist can engage in. Earlier this year we began opening the doors on the studio process and inviting the public to come along and see how a band puts together a track (or several). They can even get involved in the process if they want to. Our first session was with the Bedlam Six and was a really enjoyable event (see the results of the day here. Now it’s the turn of Snowapple. Join us on Sunday 7th September at the Eagle Inn (Salford) for this unique opportunity to witness a great band at work.

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